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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Week 'Till Showtime!

Hello, Friends!  Today is the one week mark until my exhibit of new paintings opens at the administration building of my church, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church on the corner of Windsor and Exposition here in Austin.  Even though it's a do-it-yourself affair and not a solo show at an art gallery, it is still exciting and even a bit intimidating to put it all out there and ask my small world to either come see it or view it on line.

Having an opportunity to put my work 'out there' is truly a blessing and a healthy boost to productivity.  I have loved painting these past months as much or more than I ever remember.  I am restless to get back to the studio and hungry for more material.  The daily views I come across in my routine somehow appear to have more possibility to me than they do when I'm not actively painting.


Since my blog is nicknamed "The Painter's Garden", I might mention that Spring has already sprung on Central Texas and I have bluebonnets and many other happy harbingers of Spring in my Garden.  I also have legions of weeds, so that a typical morning involves hand weeding some little patch of ground before I put on my painter's hat (apron) and get to work.  I'm anxious to put in some tomatoes at the very least, and add compost to the hungry soil.  But that will have to wait one more week.


Thank you for viewing this blog.  I'll post some photos of the opening of my show next time.  


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  1. Very exciting - Your work looks great. I am wishing you many red dots and will see you next week!