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Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Carole

My mother is Carole McIntosh Sikes, and her birthday was yesterday.  If you know her, you will agree that she is multi-talented.  She's an accomplished painter (the first women to gain an MFA from the University of Texas, Austin).  Some of her paintings may be found here:  Also, she has written and published a history of her neck of the woods called Hudson Bend and the Birth of Lake Travis.  
It's available at
and also in Austin at the Tarrytown Pharmacy, the Oasis Restaurant, and Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Since I always enjoy seeing process in others' work, I will show you a 'during' and an 'after' of one of this week's paintings:

The unfinished painting is much more exciting to me both because of the red under-color, and because of the way the twigs look, scratched out of the wet sky paint. The final image represents what I saw as we walked one of the trails at Mesa Verde National Park.  I wish I could get the best of both in one painting...I'll just have to keep seeking that elusive goal!

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  1. Lovely piece!!! Those elusive goals are what keep us at it! So glad you are painting again!