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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Blade, the Fish, and Me

Catchy title, no?  
The blade to which I refer is the Paramount Theatre's new blade sign reproduction which is being officially lit this Wednesday, September 23, as part of the celebration of the theatre's 100th birthday.  If you can make it to downtown Austin, it should be pretty cool to watch as the 1,386 bulbs are switched on.  The street party starts at 6pm, and the lighting is planned for 7:15 to 7:45 (to allow for speechifying!)

The Fish?  Some of you know that I built a pond a few years ago, so now I'm a pond keeper. This involves periodic wading around to tend the water lilies and do some cleaning.  It's also a good time for me to hand feed and 'pet' my favorite koi, Key Largo.

If you like to see a wide variety of back-yard ponds from do-it-yourselfers like me, to professionally designed and installed ones, please plan on attending the Austin Pond Society's annual tours in June each year. Other great pond information may be found at 

And finally, me as painter.  I haven't managed to put in as many hours of painting this week as I'd like, due to some special events.  So I will have to show you the finished version of this painting on my next blog.  But here are some "in process" pictures:


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