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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How long did that painting take you?

    How long?  That's a question most artists, composers, and craftspeople have fielded at some point in their careers.  Even though I am a maker of paintings and other things, and I know how difficult it is to answer this question, I still wonder about it silently when admiring the creations of others. I think it is just human nature to be curious about the hows and whys. 
    Whether the "how long?" question is answered with "my entire adult life" or "7 days, 4 hours, and 26 minutes", I'm just glad art is not priced by the minute or hour!  What if we all had taxi-cab-type meters attached to our easels (or desks), and we had to activate the timer when we sat down to work?!  Surely very little art would then be affordable!

 Here is the latest version of the painting I showed you on my last blog.  I was sure I would be showing a final version by now, but I was wrong.  This scene, with a working title The High Life, needs more refinement.  Then I will turn it to the wall while I work on other images.  Often this helps clear the visual palette, so to speak, and helps me see my very familiar marks with a fresh perspective.

Do something refreshing for yourself this week!  Thanks for viewing this blog.

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